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My Rhodope experience

In the end of February we – volunteers decided to go to Rhodope mountains to have some new impressions, to visit new places and just to enjoy our time in Bulgaria. Now we would like to share our opinions about our wonderful trip. “If you want to see amazing views[…]

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Kotel – renaissance capital

Kotel is a town in central Bulgaria, part of Sliven  province with 6.232 habitants (2009). Kotel was settled during the beginning of the Ottomam occupation of Bulgaria, when people fled from near cities and towns. Kotel is known for the numerous personalities of the Bulgarian National Revival that are somehow[…]

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Shiroka Laka – a place to visit

Shiroka Laka is the village located in the Rhodopes. The name of the village comes from the old Bulgarian word “laka” – curve, bend, meander. This village has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria because of its unique musical culture, picturesque views, rich history and beautiful,[…]

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Kukeri – the tradition keepers

On several occasions during the year, special ritual called Kukeri, a nice folklore tradition with roots from Ancient Thrace, takes place in Bulgaria. This tradition dates back to the Medieval centuries and is connected to the Bulgarians hans – Asparuh and Tervel. Firstly, what is Kuker? Kuker is a divinity. The word Kuker comes[…]

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