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Is secularism under threat in Europe?

Secularism is one of the bedrocks of European liberal democracy. Across the continent, people take it for granted that governments are separated from religious institutions. Even in states that maintain an official established religion (such as England or Malta) secularism is essentially followed in practice. But is all that changing? Is secularism[…]

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Should we afraid about the terrorism

Nowadays in the world are no place where we would be fully protected from terrorism. If we look in the history terrorism as a fighting method are nothing new. Targets of this kinda fight mostly are several But if in the past target was to kill one person then now[…]

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Topic: What the European values mean to us?

We hear a lot about the importance of European values. History can be divisive (Europeans have, after all, a long history of stabbing and shooting one another) and culture is often tied strongly to national identity. But values are supposedly shared across the continent by all Europeans. But what ARE[…]

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A new wave of misogyny?

Articles like “Why women should not work?, why patriarchy is the best system ever created?”, or phrases such as “the equality causes the loss of power of the traditional men” or that “the value of woman depends heavily on her fertility and beauty and man his resources, intelligence and character”[…]

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Bread as a Social tool

Last week in Sliven has launched a new initiative of the Association “Dream of romance, flowers and space” called “Theatre of flour” or “Theatre of crumbs” – kneading the bread with a social element. The venture will aim to bring together people from different ethnic and social groups and ages[…]

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Should I vote – Opinion of Volunteers

What is the point to vote if nothing is changing? One vote can not change anything. This is main reasons why people choose not to participate in elections. For them it is pointless to go and vote if they do not trust the government in general. But then there is[…]

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