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Differences are beautiful – Racism is ugly

All people are different and they are also different in skin color and nationality. Unfortunately,  instead of bringing people together these differences cause separation between them. What is the background of this racist way of thinking? Maybe the lack of tolerance in society, the desire of the ego to be[…]

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Pitch Bootcamp!

”Pitch Bootcamp Veliko Tarnovo”     Interview with on of the founders of Pitch Bootcamp Bulgaria – Diana Dvorska. 07.11.2018. There is going to be an event called ”Pitch Bootcamp Veliko Tarnovo V” on 10th-11th of November! This is the message that the organisers of the event showed us on[…]

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How to have good relationships?

The needs in a human being have risen because of a certain sense of incompleteness. People are forming relationships to experience a certain sense of completeness within themselves. When you have a good relationship with someone dear to you, you feel complete. When you don’t have that, you feel incomplete.[…]

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Japan-South Korea: So Close, Yet So Far

South Korean and Japanese cultures are similar but also very different despite the small distance between South Korea and Japan. Firstly, their food culture is very similar. They both use chopsticks during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eat their staple food: rice and soup, and most importantly they eat quietly. It is their part of traditional[…]

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How to overcome stress and achieve inner piece?

“Why are we stressed?”, “How to overcome stress?”, “How to live happily?” – These are all questions that we pose to ourselves. There is not a single living being on earth, who would want to live in stress. But what is stress actually? According to science stress is the body’s[…]

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