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How to overcome stress and achieve inner piece?

“Why are we stressed?”, “How to overcome stress?”, “How to live happily?” – These are all questions that we pose to ourselves. There is not a single living being on earth, who would want to live in stress. But what is stress actually? According to science stress is the body’s[…]

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“Roam like at Home” starts on 15th of June

For a decade, the Commission has been working to reduce the surcharges that telecoms operators imposed on their customers each time they crossed a border while using their mobile device on holiday or during business trips. Since 2007, roaming prices have decreased by more than 90%. In 2015, the European[…]

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European indifference towards Refugees

Among the many difficulties Europe is facing nowadays, the immigration of thousands, if not millions, of refugees in its borders is one of the most problematic one. This subject is leading many countries to bring their nationalism back and to divert their politics to be more right-winged, with many consequences[…]

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Developing altruism: Volunteering

Famines, epidemics, wars are only few of the many tragedies that are constantly affecting our world. People who were obliged to leave their houses to find themselves in a foreign country without anything to survive; Children with diseases who should live their childhood laughing and playing instead of spending their[…]

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