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Avocado Bulletin – November edition

Hi friends! We are happy to present you the last edition of Avocado bulletin – November. A lot of interesting information, articles and other surprises 🙂 Have a nice time with it:

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International day for Tolerance

16 November is an international day for Tolerance. This day is very meaningful for the world. Toleration is the allowing, permitting, or  acceptance of an action, idea, object, or person which one dislikes or disagrees with. “We can improve our understanding by defining “toleration” as a set of social or[…]

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The Interview about Generation Z

Generation Z Interview Problems affecting young people and affecting their lives. Today the scientist Khathouna Maisashvili spoke with us on this topic. Ms.Khathouna – Candidate of Science in Mass Communication, Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Tbilisi State University

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Music genres can affect our psychology

There are many contradictory theories about the effect of different music styles. For example, some say that hard rock and metal music make you violent, others admit that rock music fans are one of the friendliest people ever, but again… after some rock concerts people leave destruction. The information is[…]

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Schools under the COVID _19

Schools in Bulgaria opened for the 2020/21 school year on September 15, the country’s traditional date, but with this year different because of the Covid-19 crisis. Todays guest is Boyana. she is a student and we talked about the schools under COVID_19. Join us 👇

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The Freedom of Wind

A few years back, the life of a young man who was on the free path of running turned upside down. The dream collapses. The smile goes, the freedom goes. An unexpected diagnosis leaves the running shoes in the cupboard forever and turns all familiar forest paths into an unattainable[…]

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