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Music genres can affect our psychology

There are many contradictory theories about the effect of different music styles. For example, some say that hard rock and metal music make you violent, others admit that rock music fans are one of the friendliest people ever, but again… after some rock concerts people leave destruction. The information is[…]

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Schools under the COVID _19

Schools in Bulgaria opened for the 2020/21 school year on September 15, the country’s traditional date, but with this year different because of the Covid-19 crisis. Todays guest is Boyana. she is a student and we talked about the schools under COVID_19. Join us 👇

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The Freedom of Wind

A few years back, the life of a young man who was on the free path of running turned upside down. The dream collapses. The smile goes, the freedom goes. An unexpected diagnosis leaves the running shoes in the cupboard forever and turns all familiar forest paths into an unattainable[…]

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Gender Inequality In The Music Industry

I always have a protest against of injustice, but one of my ‘favorite’ is the injustice that always gives men more opportunities and power than women. Unfortunately, it has always been a problem all over the world and it continuous now-in the 21st century. Next of the men, who are[…]

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If you’ve been experiencing a lot of weird, vivid dreams recently, you’re not the only one.  Nearly one month into isolation because of coronavirus and I’ve noticed something: My dreams have become weird and incredibly vivid. I personally can’t remember the last time I’ve had such consistently crazy dreams. Every[…]

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22 March – The Day of Veliko Tarnovo

Hidden between the hills, lays the historical capital Veliko Tarnovo, in 2009 nominated as “Balkan Capital of Cultural Tourism”. A city so white, so bright, that on a sunny day you need sunglasses to look at it. Usually, on March 22 it gets even brighter. Streets are full of people.[…]

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Kukeri Carnival

I will talk abaout Kukeri Carnival. I’ve heard a lot about the Kukeri Carnival since I came here. I was very curious. So I went to Ragovski for Kukeri Carnival. There were a lot of people wearing different costumes and masks. There were gruops of people from different places of[…]

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