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Gender Inequality In The Music Industry

I always have a protest against of injustice, but one of my ‘favorite’ is the injustice that always gives men more opportunities and power than women. Unfortunately, it has always been a problem all over the world and it continuous now-in the 21st century. Next of the men, who are[…]

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The role of music in cinematography

  With every frame, filmmakers are trying to convey a specific emotion. The lighting, the location, the energy of an actor’s delivery- these choices are carefully thought out and executed to put the viewer in a certain mindset that’s open to the creator’s intent. Of all the artistic tools at[…]

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E-Volution Radio musical programming

We are pleased to present to you the new E-Volution Radio musical schedule from now on. To every day its own vibes:   On Monday you feel tired of your weekend? Don’t want to go back to work? We’ll get you out of bed with some smooth blues and soul[…]

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Bulgarian group Outhentic

„Folklore at a crossroad”   Last week the citizens of Veliko Tarnovo had the chance to enjoy a wonderful concert, during which young musicians demonstrate mixing of modern and traditional. Rayna and Zhivko Vasilevi and their formation “Outhentic” visited the old capital with “Folklore at a crossroad” dedicated to the[…]

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