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Life with a minimal footprint – a leading motif during the Youth Exchange “The Art of Earth”

27 young people from Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Bulgaria exchanged experience and knowledge on environmental issues and measures at the individual, collective and global levels that can be taken. They learned to knead bread, to recognize plants and their beneficial properties, to prepare natural cosmetics at home, to compost,[…]

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Green Vision Sliven

Very green event happened on the main street in Sliven on 14th of October for the first time. The festival ”Зелен Калейдоскоп“ (сливен зелен град) gave to people oportunity to involve in a lot of green and ecological activities for all age people. This festival let people to try ecological[…]

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It is modern to be green – opinion

If we ask people what they think about recycling they usually answer that it’s good to recycle because the Earth is getting very dirty and full of rubbish. Recycling helps to save money, resources and energy. But there is always a question – how much do they really do to[…]

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