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Tryavna summer camp

Ivo can easily tell you which waste we can recycle, Alexandra speaks English very well, Vesela is very fond of environmental games, Monica especially loves nature- these kids are a small part of the team I met a week ago in the city of Tryavna, in an environmental summer camp.[…]

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The Paris Agreement, a lucrative commitment

At the end of COP21, the world welcomed the ambitious goal that the Paris Accord set for governments around the world, to contain global warming to 2°C by 2100. Five years later, it seems clear that too little has been done by the signatory states to meet this program. A[…]

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Ecohydrology, back to the roots

When ecological awareness meets the research process, new scientific fields are developed, such as ecohydrology. The idea is simple: to stimulate the regenerative capacities of an ecosystem in order to improve the filtration of polluting substances present in its waters. Cleaning up the pollution emitted by centuries of industrialization is[…]

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Life with a minimal footprint – a leading motif during the Youth Exchange “The Art of Earth”

27 young people from Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Croatia and Bulgaria exchanged experience and knowledge on environmental issues and measures at the individual, collective and global levels that can be taken. They learned to knead bread, to recognize plants and their beneficial properties, to prepare natural cosmetics at home, to compost,[…]

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