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The day of Bulgarian radio

The radio is one of the greatest inventions of the last century. With its invention, the ability to share information almost instantly became an integral part of life for everyone on planet Earth. Today, we are celebrating Bulgarian Radio Day. Radio Evolution volunteers answer questions related to their activities and[…]

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The day of the giant of Gothic prose

The life of American writer Edgar Allan Poe was full of strange mystical fortunes and terrifying upheavals. The mystic and romantic writer who laid the foundations of modern detective fiction lived only 40 years. Edgar Allan Poe is best known for his “spooky” and mystical stories and his highly unusual[…]

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International Education and Teaching English-Gabrielle Cascio from USA

International education, exchange programs, internship, volunteering,  teaching, travel, experiences, and challenges- These are a small part of the topics that we are talking about in our new audio.  Gabrielle Cascio is from the United States of America. After graduating from George  Washington University she decided to take part in the[…]

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