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Cultural life in Sliven

Everything has a beginning and an end. Although, life has not yet returned to normal, the lockdown was canceled. Despite some restrictions, but entertainment places still function. Eventually this will end as well. Due to the pandemic we once more realized  how much human relationships mean. We also realized the[…]

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Unforgettable TV Journeys

Even though, there are more than 7 months left until the end of 2020, it will always remember it as the year with the least human relationships, less trips and less adventures. COVID-19 has really changed the routine of each person. There is almost no area left where its influence[…]

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Online Learning

Today,  we were with Eva and we  talked  about the online learning system in Bulgaria. Some students have many challenges wit the online learning. Eva shared us her experience. we spoke about the spending time in isolation and finding new skiills.    

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Intellectual isolation

The world is facing a new challenge. Because of Coronavirus pandemic, the borders are closed, entertainment places are closed, almost all sports and cultural events have been suspended. Educational institutions have switched to online learning.  We have new recommendations how to fight against pandemic. The words which bring together the[…]

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Liberation of Bulgaria

Today 3rd of March, Bulgaria celebrates its national holiday – the Day of Liberation. 141 years ago (18 February in the old style), Russia and Turkey signed the San Stefano Peace Treaty in 1878, which provides for the rebuilding of the Principality of Bulgaria. Today we talked about the Liberation[…]

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