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Angel’s Workshop Studio- In Sliven

Ani Valeva is studying at the Faculty of Theology at Veliko Tarnovo University. 4 years ago, she decided to make angels out of small pieces of paper, colored materials, and colored threads. Now she has got a small workshop studio in Sliven, which name is called the Ангелофания От Хартия

Every day Ani walks into her workshop and creates colorful angels. The question of why she decided to create angels answers that it’s coming from her heart, she just loves Angels and likes to do kind things for people. -” Angels are everywhere. They are our little brothers and the nearest to god. Angels help us and protect us from the bad. I love them and I like when I create something for people and teach them how to make these angels”- told us Ani during the interview.

throughout the year Ani creates several thousand compositions. She also organizes working groups for those interested. The people who want to take part in that making process can come and join the workshop. 

Nia Ivanova and Sabina Ivanova joined the workshop with us. They are 11 years old and they like to do good things for people, especially for the new year and Christmas. They made small Christmas compositions from walnut shells and colorful materials. 

Ani Valeva plans to continue working in the future.  Her special dream for Christmas is a world without viruses. She would like that year to get people nicer and more believers. 

Interested people can purchase Angels compositions from Ангелофания От Хартия Facebook page.


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