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22 March – The Day of Veliko Tarnovo

Hidden between the hills, lays the historical capital Veliko Tarnovo, in 2009 nominated as “Balkan Capital of Cultural Tourism”. A city so white, so bright, that on a sunny day you need sunglasses to look at it.

Credits : Vineta Krivāne

Usually, on March 22 it gets even brighter. Streets are full of people. Locals and tourists come to see the colorful parade, to enjoy the performances of dance, vocal and folklore ensembles, to watch the paper lanterns flying in the evening sky, and at 9 pm they all come to stop their breathing at the amazing “Sound and Light” show on Tsarevets Hill.

They celebrate the historical day on which Tzar Ivan Asen II won over the Despotat of Epirus, Theodor Komnenos Doukas, in the battle of Klokotnitsa that took place on March 22, 1230.

Today the day of Veliko Tarnovo is different- silent and calm. Only at 12pm, all the church bells rang to celebrate the day. But the real celebration is within the people, who have lived here all their lives, in houses owned by their generation for centuries. In a town that due to its cultural influence is even claimed to be “Third Rome”.


Credits : Vineta Krivāne

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